Make apparent the added value you bring each moment!

You are ready to start your career path or even to change your current standing. But have you considered how?

There is something that must be clear when launching something that will be successful: it must be carefully planned. Actions should be planned and executed like a Swiss watch.

Let’s assume that you are a graduate of Marketing Studies and that you already have one year of experience. If you type “marketing jobs” into Google or Yahoo, you will receive 28 million results. Quite impressive, isn’t it? So, it’s evident that you are able to get one of them, provided that, of course, you really want it!

The steps you must follow are:

  • concertize your targeted job market by specifying type of market expected salary and your next step
  • find out the type of companies or organizations and the size of those you will aim for
  • make a list of 25 companies that you will approach each week!
  • research those companies and find out the contact details of the specific person you will contact
  • use the attached document to monitor your results
  • above all… be sincere with what you want and who you are!

Remember, in order to gain a successful career you need to be persistent no matter the difficulties, no matter your fears… no matter the opinion that others have about you, you must build your inner certainty and live your life as you dream it!

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