Expecting a moment after to win yourself, will never come. It is now that instance of success!

Win Me a Career” focuses on career consulting. We define ”career” as the path to the realization of the inner potential that can bring happiness into everyone’s life. This can be accomplished by recognizing impressions, influences and distractions as external factors and identifying the unique inner factors that will lead to prosperity. Our strategies are based on successful methods, and, most importantly, applied individually. Our success is guaranteed by our quality and responsibility. We are specialised in making the skills and talents of individuals apparent and in assisting them in realising their potential in their professional careers. We are certain that everyone should always be happy, content and prosper.

In all cultures and continents, work or job is associated with dependency as it is one of the key factors, if not the only one, that satisfies our basic need for survival. A salary deposited in your bank account at the end of each month is considered like a pension instead of a reward and a token of appreciation by your employer for your efforts. If you need such a job, this workbook will not assist you. This workbook is a tool that will bring the best out of you and that will assist you in your path of claiming your birth right for happiness and prosperity. We need to highlight at this point that being unsuccessful requires no effort and may be achieved easily. Though, being a successful integral person requires commitment to your target and continuous evolution. An old expression says, “How does life treat you?” but it really means: “How do you treat your life and your dreams?”. There are only three rules you need to follow in order to accomplish your achievements:

  • being conscious on what success represents for you,
  • remaining positive and trusting in yourself and your potential,
  • being committed to your evolution and identifying who you really are

At “Win me a Career we are committed to evolution.

Our certainty is that “success exists in this moment… now” and that everybody deserves it.

Our mission is to
observe the impossible &
rise it to I’m possible.