1. Talents 2. Experience 3. Education but most important 4. You make the difference!

Win Me a Career“, focuses on career consulting. Our strategies are based on a mix of traditional and modern methods and, most importantly, designed to be tailored according to individual needs. Our success is guaranteed by the experience, quality and responsibility of our consultants.

We are specialized in bringing individuals’ skills and talents to the surface and assist them in realising their potential in their professional careers. We are certain that everyone should always be happy, content and prosper.

We deliver:

  • CV and Letter of Motivation development
  • Interviews tactics and preparation
  • Career coaching
  • Profile development
  • HR Consulting for companies/organizations
  • HR Consulting for universities

We further offer a series of self-improvement workshops:

  • Presentation skills
  • Multicultural sensitivity
  • Team work skills
  • Negotiation skills

At “Win me a Career,” we seek to continuously evolve our strategies, tools and services we provide to job seekers, companies and training institutes. Our certainty is that “success is now” and everybody deserves it.