Career workbook

Your success matters most to you!

“Identifying your Life’s GOAL is the most sacred of all experiences. You can always discuss about what you
can or what you could do, or what you are or what you would be, but what you really are is that specific
goal! In most cases, people complain about their misfortunes and express negativity and sadness. This is not
because they are not able to accomplish their life’s target, but because of their low level of commitment.

Success is directly linked to that level. The higher the level of commitment, the less time it takes to achieve
success. How do you recognize that goal? Inside of each individual exists an idea, a vision… a dream! That
dream can never be negotiated. It is the pure life force that, when you think of it, brings happiness inside
you. Pursuing that purpose makes you alive! The opposite is suicide. Think of this for a moment, who else
could live the life as you dream it apart from yourself?”…

By Nektar Baziotis